Trolley ULV Fogger BURE W3

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Manufactured by SM BURE CO.,LTD


  • Battery charge way
  • Extended working time by using lithium-ion battery
  • Prevent water flow back to machine by forcing pump
  • Minimize chemical in tank by forcing pump
  • Choose spray gun and pillar nozzle
  • Two chemical tanks
  • Two chemical tanks by spraying two different chemical
  • Extended distance by applying two pillar nozzles
Options(Setting extra pillar nozzle)

  • Apply exclusive battery and for pillar nozzle
    (Pump: DC12V/4.5A, Battery: DC12V/20.8A lithium-ion battery)
  • One-touch assemble and disassemble(Applying One_touch pitting)
  • Automatic changing spray angle or folding pillar nozzle(0~90 degree)

Category Specification Category Specification Category Specification
FAN output DC12V, 4.5A Particle size 30~50μ Charger DC12.6V, 3.0A
Rating DC12V, 4.5A Spray volume/min 1,400mml Charger time 7 hours
Battery volume DC12V, 20.8A Chemical Tank volume NO.1: 60L Working time 5 hours
lithium-ion battery NO.2: 12L Size,Weight 600*480*900/30Kg