Original Equipment Manufacturing

Hand compression sprayer Air compression sprayer

Absolute Cautions
  • Do not use gasoline, thinner, paint, chemicals. powder, etc.
  • At the state of compression, Do not give a shock to machine.
  • At the state of compression, Do Avoid to keep in storage of hot place (It explodes).
  • After use, make sure open the safety valve in order to release compression.
  • After wash, Do dry it in a shady place (It possibly become rusty).
  • Do not keep it with flammable or corrosive substance.
  • If there is any damage of machine, Do not use it.
  • Do keep away from children.
  • Do not control safety valve arbitrarily.

  • * Using it for long time, do not fix machine by yourself. (This is high compression machine. If there is any problem please contact us. expecially do avoid using tools which possibly make the flame)

How to use
  • Open the No.9(Safety valve) slowly for releasing air pressure.
  • Open the No.2(Chemical injection valve) then inject chemical slowly.
  • When the chemical is not injected to machine through No.1(Chemical injection funnel), Good fox need to be titled the opposite side of No.3(Air emission valve) for injecting rest of chemical around No 1.(Chemical injection funnel).
  • Close the No.3 (Air emission valve) and No.2 (Chemical injection valve).
  • Connect to compressor in order to inject air.
  • When you hear the sound of opening "Tic" from No.9(Safety valve), please turn off the compressor and then separate it.
  • Please push on the shoot gun key smoothly, before spraying.