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Specification---------------------------------------------portable fogging machine
Product Name Motor Output Capacity of Chemical Injection Distance Particle Size Color Power Source Size Weight Wire Length
BURE 1,250W 3L
(0.8 Gal)
5 ~ 10M
(16.6~32 ft)
10 ~ 50㎛ green
(6.3*21.7*9.8 In)
(6.83 lb)
(19.7 ft)

ULV Fogger - 'BURE' Mannual Download


strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the drug to fine areas

  • Applicable for cleaning the internal area of computer(PCB), bedding, display cupboard, and every corner of any other places that are commonly inaccessible
  • Applicable to any place where instantaneous drying is required, such as automobile interior, filter, etc.
  • It allows for applying or spraying various chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotic, resistant and nutritional supplements, microorganisms, and so on in several ways including instantaneous moisturizing, water-based or oil-based, etc.
  • It can be used by the event company for balloon decoration and ad balloon, etc. with its strong air
  • Applicable to air drying, air cleaning, etc.
Application(Space of Utility for Space Purifying System)
  • Public Office: Health Center, Public Facility, Contaminated Area
  • Education Facility: School, Library, Child Care Facility
  • Medical Facility: Hospital, Postnatal Care Center
  • Commercial Facility: Hotel, Theater, PC Cafe, Fast Food Restaurant, Event(Balloon Decoration) Company, Restaurant, etc.
Applicable range by workplaces

It can be applied to public office, kindergarten, school, factory, apartment, place for education, garden, lodging, church, temple, hotel, theater, hospital, cattle shed, Event(Ballon Decoration) Company, public institute, etc. for multi-purpose disinfection/sterilization, cleaning, and relief of agricultural crop from disease and harmful insects.

Embodiment of space defense
  • Excellent space efficiency: Enables wide range of space treatment in a short period of time through innovative ultra-low volume injection
  • Handy use and convenience: Enables convenient use through its compact and lightweight profile With a simple replacement of chemical, it provides the solution of sterilization/insecticide/deodorization/Sick New House Syndrome
  • Excellent economy: Enables efficient application to wide spaces, thus reducing labor coat and drug expense

FMD/AIV, etc.
Ensures decisive prevention and elimination of harmful insects along with interruption!

Ultra-low volume sprayer and High-pressure air blower_BURE

Now every space can be easily keeohal.
Foot and mouth disease / pathogens, including avian flu to worry about making a free space!


strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the drug to fine areas.

  • Enables defense against infectious pathogens, and ensures efficient space utilization
  • Ensures sterilization of the cattle shed and building
  • Suitable for exterminating various harmful insects, such as fly, mosquito, etc
  • Enables the sterilization of every corner of the surrounding area(environment)

Having a wide array of applications, this product can realize its maximum effect in households and farm houses.

  • Disinfection/sterilization: It enables injection of insecticide, germicide, detergent, antibiotic, etc. to every corner inside and outside of the cattle shed and building. Its mobility from the people and vehicles that move in and out constantly ensures protection against foot-and-mouth disease and infectious pathogens.
  • Application/Spray: It can be utilized for the application of resistant and nutritional supplements. Also, it enables spraying of dynamic materials including water-based and oil-based materials while functioning as a humidifier and microorganism sprayer.

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Transmission route of foot-and-mouth disease and Avian Influenza Virus
  • 1. Eating or drinking feed or water contaminated by blister fluid, saliva, milk, semen, excrements, etc. of the diseased animal, or through direct contact
  • 2. Indirect transmission in which the virus is transferred from the people(farm employee or visitor, such as feed & drug salesman), vehicle(transporting feed, cattle or collecting mild), or apparatus at the farm where the disease occurred, to the other farm
  • 3. Airborne transmission(through wind or air) of non-thermal contamination that occurs from breathing or sneezing of the diseased cattle to the neighboring farm
  • Installation by injection distances(speed control) function
  • Control of chemical amount
  • Air vent valve installed at chemical tank
  • One-touch exchange of chemical tank
  • Strong wind function enables to dry, clean, and wash in part
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portable fogging machine portable fogging machine