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1. prevent sick house syndrome

SM Phytoncide removes formaldehyde and all harmful germs which is caused Atopy, Asthma, Allergy.

2. Germicide effect.

SM Phytoncide with excellent germicide and sterilization removes mold on wall paper in old house.

3. Fresh air effect.

SM Phytoncide makes polluted air into fresh air and then releases tension.

Remove harmful germs in house, car, toilet, and any inside of building.
[How to use]
No need to dilution with water, put it in liquid tank and then spraying it to space.
BURE is the perfect machine to spray it.
[Main ingredient]
Phytoncide, liquid from nut pine, Tee tree, pyroligneous liquor.

Use of product
  • Remove odor of Bed, Sofa and Duvet so on
  • Remove germs and odor of inside of shoes, and stocks so on
  • Remove odor of car air conditioner, cigarette so on
  • Remove mold and odor of cellar.
  • No harmful to human beings (Its safety touching it)
  • Sterilization (Remove germs, mold and dust mite)
  • Keep maintaining fresh fragrance
  • Make fresh living environment for people and pet