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Hand compression sprayer Air compression sprayer
pest control spray equipment
SM-P32 SM-P33 SM-P37 SM-P1200

What is compression sprayer?

Spray air pressure within the tank by the pressure caused by injecting the liquid in the tank (such as drugs or water) and a way of injection Gardening sprayer, agriculture, animal husbandry (live, pesticides, disinfection, sterilization) is used in..

Product specifications
Product names Capacity HOSE length Spray distance Remarks
SM-P32 2.8 L 1.5 MT 0.5 ~ 1 MT  
SM-P33 5.0 L 1.5 MT 0.5 ~ 1 MT  
SM-P37 7.0 L 5.0 MT 0.5 ~ 1 MT  
SM-P1200 7.0 L 5.0 MT 0.5 ~ 1 MT  

  • Hot water or oil, chemicals, paints, powders, etc. Do not use
  • Do not close during compression, and face.
  • In the state of compressed high-temperature condition or greenhouses, etc., please direct sunlight (there is a risk of explosion.)
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight, (plastic explosive to compress the oxidation of the dangers of this.
  • Please remove the spent compressed air. (2 pulling the safety pin Please remove the compressed air)
  • Do not drop to freezing in an open flame and attention. There is a risk of breakage.
  • When storing the spent pure water and then sprayed several times in the shade after cleaning is recommended to keep clean.
  • Dropping or frozen in winter, or when you're not broken, do not use even if you did. (Compression is a risk of explosion.)
  • Impurities in the safety pin or pesticides, disinfectants, etc., please do not touch.
  • Do not use a random renovation parts.
  • Compression pumps, etc. Please do not use to connect to. (There is a risk of failure and explosion.)

Product exploded and part of the name

1 Handle compressed rods
2 Compression control pin
3 water-gate cap
4 water-gate
5 Hose Nozzles
6 shoulder strap
7 Nozzle Hook
8 Nozzle
9 Nozzle Base
10 Spray gun body
11 Compression Valve O-Ring
12 Compression Valve Nut
13 Spray Gun Handle
14 Discharge hose
15 Mesh
16 Compression rod coupling nut
17 Piston
18 Piston O-ring
19 Piston nut
20 Cylinder
21 Compression Valve housing
22 Compression Valve
23 Valve Spring
24 Valve nut